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Teodora Miscov
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Helping Nintendo Launch A Reinvented Family Favourite

In 2020, the idea of quality time took on a new meaning. However, as many of us discovered, finding fun activities that the whole family enjoys can be a tricky task. Enter 51 Worldwide Games on the Nintendo Switch, a diverse collection of timeless family favourites with something for everyone.

What’s the situation?

This year has brought the value of quality time with our loved ones sharply into focus. With a lot of people working from home, schools closed and friends and families not able to see one another, there’s never been a more important time to maintain connection with our loved ones.

Reveal Target

...Enter Nintendo's 51 Worldwide Games

A follow-up to the hugely popular DS game, 42 All Time Classics, 51 Worldwide Games is a compilation of games from around the world. Think classics like Four in a Row, Chess, Mahjong and Solitaire, as well as motion-control favourites like Bowling and Darts.

With a huge variety educational and wholesome games, and a variety of ways to play, 51 Worldwide Games utilises the Nintendo Switch’s unique motion control features for an even more interactive experience.

The games come from around the world and there is a short origin story about the game and cultural references before you play so there’s a bit of education added along the way. It’s the ultimate social game for families.

...Enter Waste

We were over the moon to work on this project because, well -first of all, it’s Nintendo. And secondly, we had a vision for it. We wanted the ads to resonate on an emotional level with parents, showing that the Nintendo Switch can bring the family together like no other console.

We also wanted to highlight the educational aspects (logic & skill building, learning about different cultures), its value for money, as well as its family-friendly aspect. Nintendo 51 WWG has truly got something for everyone (even that one cousin who never wants to play), it’s multiplayer, it’s educational and it’s fun.

We were asked to create two TV commercials which highlighted these aspects. We also took photography stills alongside the shoot, for use across all channels. Exciting times!

Reveal Target