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Teodora Miscov
Marketing & PR Manager

Clash of Clans


Building Clash of Clans' Museum of 2022

Here's how we teamed up with Supercell to help them celebrate one of the most eventful years in Clash of Clans history... With a video that demonstrated to their global audience that Clash of Clans knows and celebrates their community, and incited a strong wave of affection for the game — as well as sparked the desire to play it.

Every year, Clash of Clans celebrates the community's best moments of the year with a Year In Review video that includes all the sweet highlights, nostalgic throwbacks, and inside jokes that defined the year. 2022 was a big year for the game, with the most ambitious and exciting update EVER produced at Supercell: Clan Capital (which we also helped bring to life).

Our mission for 2022's Year In Review video was to make it the most watched, shared & loved one yet. Taking it further, our vision was to make a video that left every Clash player feeling truly seen & valued... And we proposed doing that by aiming to put the 'YOU' in review, because we knew that Clashers love seeing themselves in the Clashiverse!

Armed with all of the knowledge from previous Year In Review videos, we felt ready to go to battle... We mean — to the museum.

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Our creative idea for this film was centred around a simple narrative: following an ancient builder as he leads the troops on a tour of the Museum of 2022. The museum would be filled with exciting and magical exhibits from an incredible year for Clash of Clans, and we would see the excited troops reacting to these memorable moments. The creative vision was along the lines of 'Night at the Museum' meets Hogwarts…

Each room within the museum would feature exhibits from a specific moment from 2022, with artefacts to represent the community and the conversations they'd been having.

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If you know Clash of Clans, you know that celebrating the community was Supercell and Waste's top priority. So, maintaining the focus on what Supercell and Waste believe to be a crucial element in any game's marketing, the final film also features content created by the community and content creators throughout the year.

Our collaboration with Supercell spanned across the entire length of this project, from coming up with the concept and scripting, to providing the 3D animation, motion graphics, and sound. The final video was posted on the Clash of Clans YouTube channel and signposted across their other social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Below, you can find a little behind-the-scenes treat — the animatic version of the intro and the outro:

“As a celebration of 10 years with our beloved Clash of Clans community, Waste's Year-in-Review video perfectly encapsulated many of the milestones our game has reached. Our global community is one of passion, excitement, and love – and this project represented a joyful summary of this illustrated history.

Waste Creative's understanding of our community is why they have been one of our strongest partners over the years and we cannot thank them enough for the equal amount of passion they invest in every project.”

- Darian Vorlick, Community Manager at Supercell

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The Results

Our video trended. It accumulated 2.9 million views — that's over 3x times the views of previous executions. The community sentiment was outstandingly positive; they hunted for the hidden details inside the video (in fact, they found them all!) and enjoyed testing their trivia alongside the nostalgic moments we showcased.

In other words, mission accomplished.

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“As this was the 10th anniversary year of Clash of Clans, we wanted to celebrate the community content and elevate it higher than ever before. So, we built an entire Museum in 3D to showcase the best bits of 2022.

This was our most ambitious review video to date, which follows Master Builder as he takes a group of troops on a tour of the museum. The ambition of the project was rewarded with over 3 times the usual viewing figures plus a huge amount of positive sentiment from the entire community.”

- Ken Taylor, Creative Director at Waste