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Tasmin Lobley
Art Director


The Brief

Hey villager! Congratulations on finding Waste’s Animal Crossing office and making your way here. If you’re reading this brief, you’re definitely an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, and probably a creative person who’s interested in working in marketing. Sound like you? Read on.

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Since AC:NH launched this March, over 13 million copies have been sold around the world.

The game appeals to all kinds of people; young children, teens, adults in their twenties and thirties, and older generations who wouldn’t normally consider themselves gamers but just couldn’t resist the deserted island getaway package! There’s also a good balance of male and female players.

The wide popularity of the game has seen brands starting to get involved too. Fast food chain KFC created an island restaurant, fashion label Marc Jacobs created exclusive designs to dress characters in, and sports team The Detroit Lions used the game to announce their 2020 schedule.

First, we want you to pick a brand

It can be anything you like, a retailer, a clothing label, a fragrance or cosmetics brand, a food or drinks brand, a movie, TV show, artist or musician, it could even be a charity. The key is to tell us WHY you chose this brand to promote inside the game.

Clues: Think about the brand’s customers. Are they likely to be playing AC:NH? Also, does the brand’s personality fit the world of AC:NH?

Next, we want you to pick a goal

All great marketing has purpose. Tell us what the brand should be aiming to achieve by getting involved with AC:NH. Is it about making them more famous? Selling more products? Driving online traffic somewhere? Is it about delivering a specific message?

Clue: Think about the challenges brands face. How could AC:NH help solve them?

Finally, we want you to develop ideas

If you’ve got a good sense of why you’ve chosen the brand, and what they need to achieve, you should be all set to have some ideas! Will you create unique products or decorations? Build an island? Sponsor someone else’s island? Put on an event? Launch a chat show? There’s so much to do in the game – we can’t wait to hear where your minds go.

Clue: Connect your ideas to the brand’s personality and the goal you chose, and remember to think about how you’d make people aware of your idea.


Who can apply? We’ve placed this brief inside AC:NH to find fresh creative talent. As long as you’re 18 or over, you’re eligible. You don’t have to live in the UK, as we can work remotely!

Can I get help? Yes! Every Monday we’ll be here between 1pm – 2pm UTC to answer your questions. Just head to Waste Island and find Tas outside the office, she’ll be there to help!

How do I respond? Your response can be in the form of words, slides, pictures, video – it’s up to you!

Where do I send my ideas? Send your response to, by 14th August 2020.