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We're one of the UK's Best Places to Work - again!

Last year, we received our first One-Star accreditation from Best Companies alongside 3 more accolades, acknowledging our efforts and recognising Waste as one of the best companies to work for in the UK. This year, we received 3 more accolades!

What is Best Companies?

Best Companies are the global specialists in workplace and employee engagement - pretty much the authority in this area. They have a star rating system, which to our minds makes it a kind of Michelin of company culture. Last year, we earned our One-Star Accreditation, a standard which we've just heard we've managed to continue this year as well!

The accreditation, which recognises organisations with “very good” levels of workplace engagement, was awarded to us following all our employees completing of a survey about wellbeing, pay and benefits, personal growth, their team, the agency’s leadership and more. We ensured that as many Wasters' voices as possible was heard.

Where do we rank?

Alongside our One-Star accreditation, we have also earned 3 more accolades, which rank us against the other businesses who have gone through the Best Companies process. As it turns out, we're the:

🏆 37th Best Small Company To Work For in the UK (last year we were 91st)

🏆 14th Best Small Company to work for in London (increasing from 26th last year)

🏆 11th Best UK Marketing & Media Agency to Work For in Q2 (from 30th in 2021)

As opposed to last year, we've burned through the ranks - really demonstrating the results of our commitment to bettering the work environment for all Wasters.

"It’s amazing to receive yet another bundle of accreditations from Best Companies. Coming off the back of also being a Campaign Best Place to Work in both 2021 and 2022, it feels like a real reward for working so hard on offering our Wasters a great experience at work."

"It’s been a challenging couple of years for all businesses, but we're really proud that coming out of the pandemic, we’ve been able to retain our unique culture and prioritise our people’s happiness and wellbeing, as shown by these accolades.” - Mike Petricevic, Co-Founder & Creative Partner

Find out more about our culture and philosophy on our Culture page.